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Vitor Fabricio Machado Souza

Ciências Humanas

  • vi simpósio ¨o xadrez como inclusão escolar¨
  • A presente proposta refere-se à realização do VI ¨Simpósio o Xadrez como Inclusão Escolar¨, edição 2022, a ser promovida pelo Setor Litoral da UFPR, tendo como Instituições Colaboradoras a Confederação Brasileira de Xadrez Escolar, Instituto Federal do Paraná – Campi Paranaguá e a Unespar, com o apoio das escolas públicas da região, das Secretaria Municipais de Educação dos municípios envolvidos e do Núcleo Regional de Educação (NRE) dos sete municípios da região litorânea do Estado do Paraná que abrange os municípios de Morretes, Guaraqueçaba, Antonina, Paranaguá, Pontal do Paraná, Guaratuba e Matinhos. O simpósio, integra diferentes esferas e níveis do ensino público e fortalece o crescente movimento da Educação Científica.
  • Universidade Federal do Paraná - PR - Brasil
  • 19/09/2022-31/03/2023
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Vitor Garcia


Engenharia Elétrica
  • bragantec - feira municipal de ciência do instituto federal de educação, ciência e tecnologia de são paulo
  • BRAGANTEC is a science fair organized by IFSP Bragança Paulista for 10 years, and in 2021 it will be its 11th edition. The fair aims to encourage young students of elementary, high school and technical education to develop scientific projects in different areas of knowledge, to be an instrument for the dissemination and popularization of science among the non-specialized public, to train teachers and students in the elaboration and development of projects research, strengthen the relationship between research centers, schools and the community and contribute to the scientific and technological development of the region and the country. Some of the goals proposed by BRAGANTEC are to train teachers from state and municipal schools in the region, increasing the participation of public schools in the region, involving the academic community in the development of projects, increasing the number of visitors and reaching the fair among the non-public. specialized, making the fair a reference in the region in scientific dissemination. The incentive for students is even made for those who are in the early years of their school life, through Bragantequinha, a BRAGANTEC action aimed at students in the initial grades of elementary school. To achieve these objectives, several actions are carried out before and during BRAGANTEC. As an aid in the elaboration of projects and training of students and teachers, the Organizing Committee of BRAGANTEC offers an online material with guidelines on how to prepare a research project, from the initial steps to the moment of presenting the work. In addition to this material, another action taken is the offering of a free 60-hour "Scientific Methodology and Orientation of Research Projects in High School" course, aimed at public school teachers. The Organizing Committee also makes doubts available to students and teachers twice a month, in order to assist in the preparation of projects to be submitted to the fair. To encourage the beginning of project development, BRAGANTEC also conducts a mini-course on Design Thinking, a strategy that can be used both in the conception of the problem to be researched and in the search for its solution. To ensure the quality of BRAGANTEC in all its actions and provide continuous improvement, during the fair, opinion polls are carried out with participants, students and authors, so it is possible to evaluate the results obtained. In addition to the presentation of student work, several other activities take place during BRAGANTEC. Every year, at various times at the fair, cultural presentations take place, such as plays, musical performances, various exhibitions, actions related to literature, workshops, among others. There are also activities related to sustainability and preservation of the environment, such as planting trees, workshops on the use of recycling material, orientation lectures on this topic, among others. BRAGANTEC is open to students in the 8th and 9th grades of elementary and high school and technical education. Students can submit papers in the areas of (i) Informatics, (Iii) Engineering; (iii) Exact and natural sciences; (iv) Humanities and Language. The authors of each project submit a Research Plan and a Summary, with information on its development. The selection of works for the fair takes place in 3 stages: (i) verification of the documentation; (ii) pre-evaluation by ad hoc consultants; (iii) analysis by the Technical Committee. The approved works are presented during the execution of BRAGANTEC. The presentations of works take place during the 3 days of the fair, in which the authors present their results to the community and to ad hoc evaluators. The evaluation of the projects is done taking into consideration aspects such as creativity and innovation, the application of the scientific or engineering method, the depth of its development, the necessary skill for its realization, the quality of the oral presentation and the analysis of the documents presented by the group, such as Logbook, among others. Each topic is assigned a score from 1 to 5 and the projects are classified. The first placed in several categories are awarded. At the end of BRAGANTEC, some monitoring indicators are verified to assess its success, such as, for example, the reach of disclosures on social media, the number of people registered in the evaluation system, support and collaborators obtained, the number of works registered , requests for buses to visit, scheduling schools, number of visitors, percentage of jobs present and absent, impact on the local press, satisfaction survey among participants, etc.
  • Instituto Federal de São Paulo - SP - Brasil
  • 16/03/2021-31/03/2023